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Explore our evolved wellness offerings, where we detail our innovative approach to designing functional wellness spaces, crafting custom corporate wellness programs, and enhancing public sector wellness initiatives for maximum engagement and efficiency.

Wellness Spaces

Let’s face it: many wellness and fitness spaces have become outdated, cluttered with equipment, and serve more as dust collectors than active zones. At Stronghorn Design Group, we collaborate closely with builders to plan, design, execute, and provide services for commercial fitness spaces that are not only functional but also appealing. These spaces become a key amenity for attracting and retaining tenants. We move away from the outdated model of cramming equipment into every corner just to tick off the “fitness center” checklist. Instead, we create environments that are truly designed for activity and engagement—spaces that are genuinely made for sweating.

Fitness Equipments

Corporate Wellness

No two companies are alike, so a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness programs doesn't make sense. At Stronghorn Design Group, we craft bespoke Corporate Wellness offerings tailored specifically to each client we partner with. We understand that every company aims to attract top talent and provide an environment where they can excel. Our role is to identify and integrate wellness solutions that align with your unique company culture, ensuring these programs not only fit but also enhance your organizational ethos. By implementing a Corporate Wellness program designed around your company’s specific needs and goals, you can bolster its resilience and capacity for growth. Remember, even the most talented employees can't perform at their best if they are frequently absent, unwell, or low on energy. Equip your workforce and your business for success with tailored wellness solutions from Stronghorn Wellness Design.

Fitness Couple High Five

Public Entities

Just as corporate wellness programs are evolving, Public Sector Wellness Initiatives are also adapting, prioritizing health and allocating budgets toward employee wellness. At Stronghorn Design Group, we can fully manage your wellness program or enhance existing offerings to maximize engagement. The possibilities for engaging employees in wellness are limitless. Our approach involves sitting down with you to explore these opportunities and discovering what truly resonates with your employees, ensuring a tailored and effective wellness initiative.

Fitness Couple High Five
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